Monsters and Miracles: The Silk Road

By Lyle Lister

Jon Dray Lee took his time at crafting his new single “The Silk Road (feat. MRS) and “The Silk Road (feat MRS) Austin Leeds Remix.” He started out playing in bands and had quite an extensive musical career.

He stopped down to get his medical degree, going for his family fedicine degree in 2017. He’s returned to music in uncharted territory, EDM, electronic pop, and the like. But it doesn’t sound that way at all.

As Monsters and Miracles, Lee comes off as though he were quite at home in this world. After writing nearly 300 songs, he’s bound to nail it. His take on the exploitation and horror films of the ’70s and ’80s sounds rather in step with today’s musical landscape.

Lee is a steadfast and diehard musician, who’s certainly not afraid to take some risks. And it’s paid off. Monsters and Miracles has delivered with “The Silk Road.”

Ya know you leave me breathless
I don’t think ya have a heart
But baby you don’t need to apologize
I still love the way you are
You’re a canvas
And I’m not finished painting you
(but) when we’re dancing in the dark
I still love the way you are

We’re spinning out on this silk road
Crashing, Burning
Chokehold, twisting turning
Standing face to face on this silk road
On this silk road
Making magic, fools gold
Chasing dragons
We’ll lose everything
If we keep driving this way

No matter what direction
We’re never gonna make it far
If we’re headed for the edge
I still love, I love , i love the way you are
You’d think I’d learn my lesson
But I’m a mess when we’re apart
Your touch is dangerous
I still love, I love, I love the way you are

Spin it boy, spin it boy, straw into gold
Another lover in our lane
Whose head’s gonna roll
Fairy tale, nightmare
You’re not gonna blume
Now 1,2,3 Freedys coming for you
Get it girl, get it girl now what you going to do
now that not even y’all your own mother gives a fuck about you
Daddy’s in the grave, Snakes on the lawn
Love em till their gone
Bodies in the pond
Spin it girl, spin it girl
Keep playing the game
You want in heaven’s gates
Then drink the Kool aid
One hit from the silk road and we both found god
Even after death I’ll love, ill love the way you are

Track List:
1. The Silk Road (feat. MRS)
2. The Silk Road (feat MRS) Austin Leeds Remix

Jon Dray Lee – Vocals, guitar, piano, percussion, electronic drums, bass, synth
Producer: Jon Dray Lee