moduS ponY’s Dandelion Isle is here to entertaiN yoU

by R.B. Sloane

moduS ponY’s latest retro atmospheric spoken word of wonder is Dandelion Isle. There’s no easy description of moduS ponY’s music besides those words or maybe it’s more fitting to say that they sound like if Salvador Dali had a band. There’s molten flower power, a lava of words, subterranean guilt and awe. Freud recorded your dreams and they have a beat.

Probably the standout track is “nut – like flavoR” because it most aptly captures the spirit of moduS ponY. Atmospheric, funky, quirky, and funny Dandelion Isle’s electro-acoustic feels a little bit like Animal Collective and a little like the B-52s.

As an indie experimental musician and producer Matt Ackerman has created quite the musical persona with moduS ponY. He’s brought together art, sci-fi, and indie film soundtrack, a strange amalgam of energy, raw matter, and freestyle eclectic hash.

Dandelion Isle is a record for people who don’t like experimental or electronic music. It maintains its identity while still being a purely indie album. Everyone gets what they want.

“shoes, shirts, servicE”

Dandelion Isle Tracklisting:
1. inappropriate overturE
2. shoes, shirts, servicE
3. transactioN blisteR
4. maP of the hitS
5. templE mischieF
6. nut-like flavoR
7. t.v. noiR

moduS ponY Members/Instruments: Matt Ackerman (multi-instrumentalist)

Production: Matt Ackerman