Mleo: Ridiculous

By R.B. Sloane

One listen to this young and fresh band Mleo and you get it pretty quickly. This is a California band, parts San Francisco and Los Angeles. There’s a theatrical vibe on their previous projects with an Incubus undercurrent in the guitar work.

There are also times when it feels like someone got possessed by a prog rock demon. Exhibit A from their record Sunken City: “Intermleoude 1 (Spaz).” Quite nice.

Their new single “Ridiculous” demonstrates just how far they’ve come since Sunken City. That’s not to say that Sunken City was subpar. It’s just that “Ridiculous” feels more confident and flexible. The new record, released in Oct. 2015, boasts this new found security. And an air of whimsy.

Perhaps Mleo are settling into this music thing for the long haul. You see an ease come over a band after all of the long hours and hard work. They like being here and don’t see the need to be anywhere else. And that shines through on “Ridiculous” which is far from ridiculous.

“Sunken City”

Production: All Music Produced by Mleo

“Ridiculous” mixed by Mauricio Guerrero, recorded at East West Studios, and mastered by David Santos

Mleo Members/Instruments:
Audrey Reed – lead vocals
Victor San Pedro – guitar
Nick De La O – bass
Elias Vasquez – drums