Mind the Journey’s New Record is Haunted by Funky Pop Ghosts

By Stephen Chow

Steeped in neo-psychedelic synth pop and west coast rock, Spencer Sabo’s latest project as Mind the Journey, Color In the Gray Machine, is a luscious visit to a digable planet. The record is sharp and smart, not too full of itself but enough so that the bravado leaves a solid, throbbing impression.

Hopeful, smooth, loose, and youthful, Mind the Journey’s Color In the Gray Machine thwraps out urban stories and as well as internal journal entires. An ’80s pop ghost haunts heavy within the tracks. There dance, there’s trance, there’s a liquid beat.

The album feels as though it comes from a veteran creator at times without losing that just out of the gate freshness. The songs on Color In the Gray Machine aren’t too world weary, but definitely stem from an experienced traveler.

There’s a n overall feeling of being caught up in a story that got cleaned up for public consumption. Some rough days and nights of heartbreak and partying that needed a bit of a spit shine before they were shared. You can feel a sort of cinematic hangover in the ballads. Good drama. Drama that you can visit, but you don’t have to take it home.

Spencer Sabo

Produced by Spencer Sabo in his makeshift basement studio.
Mastered by Tom Waltz.

Color In The Gray Machine Tracklisting:

1. Falling Asleep
2. Desserts
3. Interdimensional Romance
4. Dancing On The Sun
5. Oneironaut (Interlude)
6. Rose Colored Glasses
7. Dream Demon
8. Atmintis (Pass The Haze)
9. Egophoria
10. Boats
11. Noise Gate
12. Delta Wave