Mike Comfort: Pretty Sweet Stuff!

By Mike Drinkard

Me and Stephen Chow like to get high and listen to music. A lot of times, we write our reviews high. I guess I should say Stephen Chow and I.

Our editor and the owner of this magazine know this. She doesn’t care how we live our lives. She just wants us to do a faithful and honest review. Otherwise, you are not asked back. I think this is fair.

This is my first review for Scallywag Magazine. And I will be straight with you. I am high as I type this.

What does that say about Mike Comfort’s Pretty Sweet Stuff!? Well, I’ve listened to this compilation mildly high, very high, and then mostly unhigh and it’s been enjoyable each time.

I would like to be clear. You do not need to be high to listen to music. If you are a sober person or simply do not care for bud or any substance, that is perfectly okay. Not that you need my approval either way.

I will say this about Pretty Sweet Stuff! This record made me feel good. It made me feel satisfied. Many tracks made me feel like I just broke up with someone who wasn’t right for me and I was being comforted. Which is strange since I’m happily single right now. I guess what I’m saying is that I wish I had this album during a terrible breakup a few years ago.

You do not have to be in a bad relationship to listen to this album. You can be perfectly happy and still enjoy it.

Mike’s voice is very solid. There’s none of this iffy slightly on the edge of the key thing happening. He’s a session guy, a seasoned songwriter. He knows what he’s doing.

His bandmates Chris Holmes, DJ Farrell, Brandon Mains, and Jonathan Stoyanoff are excellent at making music. They’ve been at this for a chunk of time and it’s clear that this is their thing.

The music vibes late ‘90s/early aughts. I like that about it. I want to wear flannel when I listen to tracks such as “Disarry” and “Free.” I have no idea why. It’s very hot in Los Angeles right now but I’m compelled to fish out my flannel shirt and metal bubble choker. This is NOT a diss. This is respect.

I swayed to the almost lullaby “Empty.” My neighbor came out to our shared back patio and swayed with me and not in an ironic way. That’s never happened.

I’m not in a good place with certain things so “Father” kind of got me. But I will say this, it’s a very good track. It’s lovely, really. Just kind of broke me up.

And if you need a song to listen to as the wind wipes your hair and or clothes around on an empty beach, “Upside Down” is your go to. It would probably have gotten to Harry Chapin.

Many of these tracks work in ear buds, intimate stages, and arenas. You can’t always say that about music. I imagine a sea of swaying cell phones. Swaying is a good thing. Which reminds me… I think I’ll ask my neighbor out. From one Mike to another, thanks, Mike Comfort.

Chris Holmes – Guitars, backing vocals
DJ Farrell – Drums
Jonathan Stoyanoff – Bass
Brandon Mains – Guitar, backing vocals
Mike Comfort – Vocals

Heirloom Studios Chico, CA
Red Dot Studios Tracy, CA
B Mains Bedroom Studios Chico, CA

Produced By Mike Comfort
Co Produced By Chris Holmes
Engineered By Chris Holmes
Mastered By Rob Beaton – RKS Mastering Los Angeles

Fall On Me
Here With You
Simple And True
A reason
Story Of Your Smile
Upside Down
What It Means
Matter Of Truth
Towards The Sun
Anywhere With You
Don’t Change Your Mind