Midwest Soul Xchange’s New American Century

By Antiem Boyd

If you’re looking for that straight from the core of the Earth sound in your folk and Americana, Midwest Soul Xchange’s New American Century will satisfy. Rustic, organic, and an epic nearly-orchestral approach to the genres, Midwest Soul Xchange is carving out their own path.

The duo of Nate Cherrier and Ryan Summers hail from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and make up Midwest Soul Xchange. They are on a mission. There’s a seriousness as well as a sense of humor across the album. The duo also embraces bold and sweeping storylines. Loss can be heartbreaking. It can also be wickedly funny. Love and betrayal, short or long journeys.

One of my favorite tracks is “Four Score and Seven to Go.” Another attention-grabber is “Has Anybody Seen Bob.” This particular track demonstrates Cherrier and Summers’ John Prine-like sense of humor within their lyrics. A bittersweet sadness dripping with irony only Prine and Tom Waits could relate to.

Summers and Cherrier serve up a raw and polished record in New American Century. Just enough raw to let in some grit, yet smoothly produced for an easy listen. There’s catharsis within their work. There’s light too.

Midwest Soul Xchange Members/Instruments:

Ryan Summers – vocals, guitar, piano, b3, synthesizers, mandolin, lap steel, accordion
Nate Cherrier – vocals, guitar, percussion, bass guitar, harmonica

Produced by Ryan Summers & Nate Cherrier
Mixed and Engineered by Ryan Summers
Mastered by Ryan Summers
All mixing and mastering was done in Marshfield, WI
Songs recorded in a garage in Tempe, AZ and a basement in Marshfield, WI

New American Century Tracklisting:
1. Set A Course For Common Worlds
2. Roots
3. Truth Attention
4. Revolt Of The Guards
5. Occupy The Piper
6. Kings Among Kings
7. Sun Dried
8. She Flies
9. The Return
10. Has Anybody Seen Bob?
11. Four Score And Seven To Go