Michael Van and The Movers: A Little More Country

By Alex Marks
There’s something raw and pure about Michael Van and The Movers. The band communicates heartbreak, irreverence, and inebriated good times with a fierce passion on their latest A Little More Country.

Michael Van has wisely surrounded himself with experienced pickers and music makers. Pete Ahonen, Alan Bond, Larry Lawson, and Bob Skye, along with special guests Mark Berhard Stevenson, Noah Duvernell, and Paul Ohnemus fly high above the rote roads of country. Far above it.

Their combined efforts paint iconic images. There’s a lovely jangling echo of spurs, the distant sound of trains, and blistering whisky sunsets running through the tracks of the record. Hell, there might even be a coyote howling in there somewhere. Conjure your own visuals as you will.

A Little More Country’s appeal is its ability to delve into the personal and make universal connections, but very much in keeping with the band’s ethos. A friendly “fuck you,” a nod to simpler times, and a one index finger up from the steering wheel acknowledgment to the listener when a connection is made.

There’s also something reminiscent of early Allman Bros. An organic thing made by like minded souls.

“A Little More Country”

Michael Van – Acoustic guitar, vocals
Pete Ahonen – Electric guitar, banjo, vocals
Alan Bond – Mandolin, fiddle, vocals
Larry Lawson – Bass
Bob Skye – Drums, harmonica
Special Guests – Mark Berhard Stevenson on Steel guitar, Noah Duvernell and Paul Ohnemus on Drums

Arranged, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Van and The Movers at Flying Blue Monkey Studio

1. A Little More Country
2. Skeddadle Mountain Lullaby
3. Gettin Drunk On A Monday
4. Love Me Till Thursday
5. Juanita
6. Gimme Back My Guitar
7. Pretty Penny
8. Center Of The Universe
9. Don’t Mind It If I Do
10. River Road
11.That Train
12. Sounds Like Rain
13. Look At Miss Ohio