Metallica’s ‘Through the Never’ Isn’t a Movie But It’s Still Good


Dane DeHaan as Trip / Photos: Picturehouse Entertainment


Metallica has never been better and if you’ve never seen them live, this is the best seat in the house and almost as good


My favorite member of this band besides Kirk, Robert Trujillo

I’ll make this quick. If you just want to see Metallica playing live to tape, expertly covering their hits, I’d rent Through the Never in SD, HD if you have a mammoth screen.

The “story” portion of this movie looks as though it came from the stunted minds of an 18-year old James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich with Robert Trujillo saying “hell yes!” to whatever they proposed.

If this were 1981, the side plot would be genius. But nowadays, things are usually a little more transparent. Or compelling. I was rooting for the kid until he was backed up against the fence. Then, it just got stupid. I realize that this is fantasy but obtuse is just a bummer.

Of course, they did hire a dude in Cosby sweater to counsel them that one time. But that was a lot more interesting that the journey of the protagonist in this one.

However, Metallica’s stage show was superb and the clean and sober/former Alcohollica are in top form. Just don’t try to sell a concert film as a movie, guys.

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