May Devun’s Penumbra Lounger

By R.B. Sloane
Step into the world of May Devun. Her new record, Penumbra Lounge, is all atmosphere and smoke, full of big vocals and epic ballads. Devun’s power is in her ability to craft songs that elicit strong emotions from the listeners.

The record at times is full on jazz club intimate, slightly off-kilter arrangements, baroque, and stage ready anthems. She’s vocally as strong as any singer out there. She’s definitely on the same level as Christina Aguilera. Given that she’s had a successful prog metal career, to say Devun is talented is a bit of an understatement.

Let’s address that before we get to this record, Devun was out there as a hard rock artist. She’s easily slipped over into the R&B/pop world. The artist is made for any genre, really. When you got it, you got it.

Stand Out Tracks:
“We Walk Alone”
“Only Fool Here”
“The Boy (He Loves Me)”

May Devun – all instruments

Produced by May Devun; Engineered/Mixed by Doug Grean (Velvet Revolver/STP)

Penumbra Lounge Tracklisting:

1. Echoes in the Dark
2. Somebody to Love
3. We Walk Alone
4. Hurt Me Again
5. Only Fool Here
6. The Boy (He Loves Me)
7. Status Anxiety
8. Song About the Feels
9. Encore