Max Fite: Shake It On Down

By Lisa Waugh
There’s an easiness to Max Fite’s music. There’s also some steel and grit. The indie rock artist’s latest Shake It On Down rings of Tom Petty, The Killers, and a peck of Sting across the six tracks.

There’s a quiet confidence to Fite which is possible when you’re this good looking, but his movie star looks don’t overpower the music. There are plenty of stories that look deeply into lives and choices. There’s a sense of personal demons conquered or at least a serious attempt to do so.

Fite and fellow band mates are no lightweights. Shake It On Down strikes at the core of a journey eagerly taken, filled with the crests and waves of emotion, but certainly not sweeping the meaning out to see.

Fite could run a little louder, a little harder. Maybe that’s not his style. Maybe he likes making difficult things seem easy.

“Devil In Me”

Max Fitelson: Guitars, lead vocals
Jamie Cunningham: Guitars, backup vocals
Carl Raether: Bass, backup vocals
Macy Lucarelli: Drums

Produced by Jaron Luksa
Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Rattle Room Studios in Burbank, California.


Devil In Me
Court Jester
Shake It On Down
My Own Fantasy
Time To Heal
Yes Man