Marty McKay: New York City Dreams

By Antiem Boyd

Are you ready for some rock banging out of New York by way of Zurich? Marty McKay puts his own spin on alt rock and seems to be having a blast on his new record New York City Dreams. He also puts a lot of himself into the tracks. All the ups and downs of love and are confessed in the recording booth.

McKay embraces a bit of the height of the hair band era before Bon Jovi cut his locks, a little bit of early U2, straddling the ‘80s and ‘90s like a confident rock star. He sounds as though he’s walked right out of an MTV music video in heavy rotation. And since a lot of things are beginning to feel like they are from that era these days, why not go back to a time when music was a great escape from the world.

McKay’s introspection could very well be our own. The girl gets away. The dreams shift with reality. Time crawls when we’re in pain. It speeds up when we least expect it, leaving us reeling and grasping for certain special moments.

McKay’s pulling all the heart strings on New York City Dreams in a relatable tempo.

Production: Marty McKay & Alberto Pistolera

1. Escape
2. Empire Town
3. Out Of The Blue
4. When The Lights Go Out
5. Into The Fire
6. Love Suicide
7. Another Life
8. Outta Sight Outta Mind
9. Until The Pain Is Gone