Magnetic Ghost: Loss Molecules

By Stephen Chow
Shoegaze is a tricky genre for me. It can either be engaging or trigger laughter. What Andrew Larson has done with Loss Molecules is definitely in the engaging end of the spectrum. It’s big, it’s burrowing, it’s expansive and I feel like I need a broadsword in my hand. Possibly I need a kilt. An Asian guy in a kilt. Why not?

Larson says this about the project: “The result is a unique brand of rural psychedelia inspired by the beauty and isolation of open spaces, and the creeping anxiety of the human drive to fill those spaces.” I like that he describes it that way. The “creeping anxiety.” Ain’t that the truth.

Loss Molecules has been with me all this week. We went to space, the mountains, and out for the morning surf. It travels well. Especially if the journey is inward. And I don’t mean that in some cockeyed way. It’s nice to drop away, let the bottom drop out and just ponder, no decisions or big conclusions to come to. But you might find a solution in the drone. Set the depth to whatever level you need.

Loss Molecules is a damn near perfect meditation, but Larson doesn’t require you to do so. It’s a solid daily soundtrack, too. Awake or asleep.

What I need is a way out of the tight coil I end up in at the end of some days. Don’t you feel that way? Loss Molecules does the trick.

“Grand Canyon”



1. vanish / vanishing
2. medecine
3. grand canyon
4. sleeping is believing
5. landfill
6. total eclipse of the sun

Andy Larson: Vocals, guitars, drums, loops, delay, effects

Production: “Loss Molecules” was recorded with Neil Weir at Blue Bell Knoll and by Magnetic Ghost at Magnetic Mansion, mixed by Neil Weir and Magnetic Ghost at Blue Bell Knoll, Mastered by Cooper Crain