Luca Bash – Acoustically Yours with ‘The Single Drops’

Luca Bash: The Single Drops

By R.B. Sloane

Giova Pes and Luca Bash

Giova Pes and Luca Bash

Armed with two guitars and a deep set of lyric-writing skills, Luca Bash’s new EP The Single Drops goes right to the heart of the matter. Love, life, heartbreak, and redemption. It’s all there on The Single Drops. Bash’s music is specifically dramatic and unique and the EP feels a little old school, paving the way for a wider audience.

The Single Drops is a smooth listen. There’s a buoyancy to it. Bash leaves his Italian accent in and it makes for a ‘70s movie score meets crooner. It’s clear that Bash loves to craft songs.

The record features two acoustic guitars. Bash plays rhythm to his go-to collaborator Giova Pes’ lead. On the track “Dear John,” Bash sounds like a European Randy Newman. It’s the strongest song on the EP. The second standout is “Black Swan’s Walls.” The track showcases Pes’ mad guitar skills.

Take some time for yourself and give The Single Drops a listen. It’s a nice break from the usual.

The Single Drops Tracklisting:
1. Your Tomorrow
2. Forever Like Asleep
3. Dear John
4. Little Tale
5. Black Swans Walls

Acoustic, Guitar Duo, Rhythm guitar & Vocal: Luca Bash
Lead Guitar: Giova Pes