Lozk Non Language Meaningless Words Speaks Volumes

By Lisa Waugh

While you were away, Leonardo Suárez Jiménez aka Lozk was out there furrowing new soil of electronic and experimental music. Someone has to lay down some new enroads. And the visual artist is just the one to do it. After just a few tracks, you’ll understand why Meaningless Words is a must download for electronic and experimental music fans.Lozk

Meaningless Words chooses to drop known language altogether and communicate through sound, visuals, and pure vibe. What we get is a thoroughly talkative neuron-snapping landscape. Meaningless Words radiates heat, ice, and a near noir rhythm. Tracks like “Yamaramá” and “Warimomba” could very well be played behind crucial scenes in a James Bond film or Clint Eastwood western.

The robotic march and chimes of “Chiaro” are chilling and somehow glorious. Something is happening but we’re not sure if it’s good or bad. The tension-filled, clocking running out feel of “Oscuro” is equally mysterious. All of the tracks convey both an urban espionage while also capturing an epic desolate plains feel.

With Meaningless Words Lozk has created a world that is dangerous, poignant and infinitely fascinating. No real words necessary.

Lozk Members / Instruments:
Leonardo Suárez Jiménez (music and visuals)

Production: Mixed by Lozk
Mastered by Camilo Silva F. in Camilo Silva F. Studios

Meaningless Words Tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Amusaca
3. Han Sow
4. Yamaramá
5. Warimomba
6. Chiaro
7. Oscuro
8. Andafeal
9. An Hawfin
10. Amaramarea