Lovesucker Is Doing It For Themselves

“‘Indie Funk and Gypsy Soul’ actually have a true meaning or a power source. That is who we are and what we do. Simple as that. There are no examples for those terms because there is no one out there doing this sound, this is OUR sound.” – Zolton Von Bury of Lovesucker

Crystal Crosby and Zoltan Von Bury

Crystal Crosby and Zoltan Von Bury

I love a band that knows itself – and has a gift for naming things – and have carved their path out of their own unique styles. Crystal Crosby sings like a beautiful dreamy, pissed off siren and is perfectly paired with Zolton Von Bury, a tried and true rock aficionado.

Like twins separated at birth, this duo blends the sounds of Etta James, Grace Slick, Tori Amos and the classic heart of soulful 70s “true funk tones.” But they had me at Etta.

North Carolina’s Lovesucker is good for your stressed out soul just in time for a new year and a new way to experience music. Why? Lovesucker’s new self-titled album has growl, bite and beauty. A particular sound that will inspire you to music and art your own way.

And it’s clear that Lovesucker didn’t get here by being like everyone else.

“While many were painting the picket fences, (we as) pioneers were torching the grounds with guttural truths of the ache of love, revenge and survival,” Crosby says.

There’s a richness to the Lovesucker record, rife with storytelling from the lips and fingers of two artists who cut through the bramble of the mainstream.

The lead track “Mississippi” works on two levels for me. First, Crosby sings the spelling just the way I learned to spell Mississippi. And it’s a powerful story of a dead slave haunting his slave master that speaks to the very real and dark history of my native South.

Crosby’s “gypsy soul” vocals soars over the gritty and floating beat. Von Bury is there to stir the waters.

“Show Me” showcases Crosby’s throaty funkness. Lovesucker is not easily summed up but I’ll try. A big voice on a slight frame with Von Bury’s smooth-as-silk backbeat deftly giving her a place to land each glorious vocal punch.

The overall message being, be who you are.

Learn how to spell “Mississippi” with Lovesucker

Loversucker Members/Instruments:
Crystal Crosby -Vocals/ Percussion
Zoltan Von Bury – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Organ

Production: Elddy Trevino and Zoltan Von Bury

Lovesucker tracklisting:

1. Mississippi
2. Show Me
3. Sayonara Messiahnyde
4. Don’t Leave Me Now
5. Guns and Gasoline

Styles: Indie-Funk-Desert Rock-Soul