Louise Aubrie: The Punk and Circumstance of ‘Time Honoured Alibi’

Lisa Waugh

On Louise Aubrie’s new album, Time Honoured Alibi, every track is an anthem. The record is big and filled with intent. Aubrie’s sound is poppish and punkish in a determined 80s kind of way, keeping all of the good vibes of the era and throwing out the bad glam and fear of nukes bits.

Aubrie herself evokes actress Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Safety Not Guaranteed) and just a tinch of the Pretender’s Chrissie Hynde. There’s a real glitter to her voice. Neither slick nor polished yet somehow hitting the right stride. It’s that messy melody that gets you.

Indie filmmakers take note; you need to contact Louise Aubrie for your next project. Every tune could be your closing track or used to highlight the scene where the protagonist races to proclaim true love at the airport, train station or wedding. I’m not being cheeky. Aubrie’s music is widescreen yet deliciously and subtly indie.

And I must be crazy to think it but Aubrie sounds a little like They Might Be Giants.

As I crawl through the liner notes, I finally figure out why I want to spike up my hair once more and drag out my old Doc Martens. Her producer is Boz Boorer, British rockabilly pioneer and perpetual co-writer and musical director for Morrissey. Boorer produced Aubrie’s successful debut album, Fingers Crossed. The album did well in the UK and the States, grabbing national airplay on both continents. Boorer is back as producer  for Time Honoured Alibi as well as co-writer on a few tracks.

“Where Are You” Video

You’ll also notice the British spelling of “honoured.” Aubrie was born in London and although currently based out of New York, she’s surrounded herself by legendary and talented musicians and producers from Across the Pond. She’s also tapped into the big dog ranks of yanks.

The record was mixed by Cam Blackwood, who has worked with Cee Lo Green as well as Florence and the Machine, at Voltaire Road Studios in London. Dave Collins Audio, chief engineer at A&M studios, did the mastering in Los Angeles.

Stick with Louise Aubrie. She’s great for a camping trip, deciding to fall in or out of love, a dramatic trip on a night time free way or taking in the big sky overhead.

Time Honoured Alibi

Released 01 March 2013
All tracks written by Louise Aubrie, except “Keep It Coming,” written by Louise Aubrie and Boz Boorer.
Produced and Engineered by Boz Boorer
Vocals: Louise Aubrie
Guitars: Rob Ritchie
Bass Guitar: Matt Wigton
Drums and Percussion: Fred Kennedy
Keys: Boz Boorer

I’d listen to:
“Where Are You”
“The Seams”