Lola de Hanna’s ‘The Other Side’ Shows The Best Side of Her Work

Lola de Hanna’s debut EP The Other Side is quite impressive. Her work as a composer for film and TV projects as well as other artists makes the singer/songwriter’s record instantly commercial in the best possible way. A veteran of touring and performing, Hanna’s EP is brimming with gorgeous lyrics and melodies.
Lola de Hanna

Her record feels effortless but there are seasons of handwork and talent behind her music. And The Other Side is Hanna’s solo effort lets her break out to show off just how wide her creative range is and that she is not afraid of taking on many styles within one record.

Hanna launched her record career at an early age so she’s packing a lot of talent and chops for someone so young and vibrant. She has the benefit of experiencing different eras while forming her own sound. Her voice has some early Sheryl Crow and Madonna qualities along with a hint of Suzanne Vega and some Haim. She knows how to turn a lyric on its head and draw in the listener with irresistible compositions.

The Other Side is a blend of alternative, electronic, pop, rock and even a bit of Bollywood on the track “Thin Air.” “A Knack For These…” has a satisfying backbeat of African drums. Wonderful. Every track is a treat but the standouts are “Ghosts” and “A Knack For These…” “Wings” vibrates with an easy electronic easiness. The Other Side is a great revelation for an artist who’s time to shine is due.

Lola de Hanna – composition, vocals, lyrics

The Other Side Production:
Pascal Perrin – Producer
Studio Pros – Mastering

The Other Side Tracklisting:
Thin Air
A Knack For These…
I Will Follow
Oh So Gray

“A Knack For These”

Style: Electronic, indie pop, singer / songwriter