Little Shells’ ‘5 Deep Under’ Masterful Spacey and Nostalgic

Little Shells’s 5 Deep Under has this kind of Mad Men soundtrack meets space pop. The record light, gorgeously mixed and filled with a quiet, irresistible nostalgia. Lead by Conchita Campos, this collaboration has proven to be well made. Just the right blend of space, time, and storytelling so that each track is its own little cosmos.

Conchita Campos of Little Shells

Conchita Campos of Little Shells

“Another Night” is a charming and merrily meandering journey, starting from a funky parade in the street to a stratospheric journey that lands on a planet where apparently the inhabitants like Earth music. It’s a trippy, beautiful song.

“Haik (god of the sea)” is a wonderful, airy jazz journey to Bjorkland.

“Feet On The Ground” is a full on cinema piece with shades of Kate Bush.

“Deep Under featuring Live Footage” sounds like a modern update of a James Bond soundtrack.

“I’ll Remain” truly stands out on an already stellar record. So that’s how good the track is.

“Lola’s Song” is a fantastic showcase of Campos’ voice, part jazz diva, part pop diva, all delicious. The track is a simple, stripped down ballad.

“When They’re Gone” could have been shuffled around a bit because it suffers a little bit from following “Lola’s Song” but… beautiful.

“Goodnight” is the last song of the night, just before closing time. The regulars are all gone but for a few stragglers. Featuring hypnotic acoustic guitar from Randy Bergida and damn near perfect upright bass from Abe Pollack, the song is a wonderful and clever way to close out 5 Deep Under.

Whether Campos is taking a ponderous walk along the beach, a saunter down a sunny street or a dramatic chase down a rainy sidewalk… doesn’t matter. With Little Shells, we’re headed somewhere good.

Little Shells Members/Instruments:

Conchita Campos (piano/vocals/sticks/kazoo) featuring…

Jon Jetter (guitar/glockenspiel/programmed and other sounds) / Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6
Justin Williams (electric and upright bass) / Tracks 2, 7
Mike Thies (drums and pots) / All except track 6
Topu Lyo (cello) / Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7
Mike Hunter (violin) / Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7
Blake Allen (viola) / Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7
Jordan Mclean (trumpet) / Tracks 1, 2, 7
Dave Smoota Smith (trombone) / Tracks 1, 2, 7
Jessa Callen (harp) / Track 1
Randy Bergida (acoustic guitar) / Track 8
Abe Pollack (upright bass) / Track 8
Jacob Plasse (electric guitar) / Track 8

5 Deep Under Production:
Live Footage (Track 4) / Randy Bergida (Track 8) / Jon Jetter at Right Angle Recording (All other tracks)

5 Deep Under Tracklisting:

Another Night
Haik (god of the sea)
Feet On The Ground
5 Deep Under featuring Live Footage
I’ll Remain
Lola’s Song
When Rhey’re Gone