Lifewalker’s Rx

by Lisa Waugh

Good news for prog rock/metal fans. There’s a new artist to add to your rotation. Lifewalker blasted onto the scene in 2015 and are taking the world by storm, one set of ear buds at a time. Their debut EP Rx is fierce, well-produced, and a respectable addition to those genres.

Members Stephen Dodge, Shane Royer, Dan Halen, Matt Evers, and Pericles Underhill bring their individual experience in other bands together in a monster project, proving that when chemistry happens, it just happens. Dodge is a more than capable front man, easily handling this huge sound around him.

Even if hard rock or metal is not your thing, the album stands as purely entertaining. Every track grabs your attention and maintains it with an irresistible inertia. There’s a real journey happening here. Lifewalker is not afraid to sound radio ready. They are also not shy about being balls out metal, as evidenced on “Falling Skies.”

Dodge allows himself to show off the lighter side of his voice while delivering a hardcore message. He seems quite comfortable slipping between the lines of any lyric. The rest of the band make it all look easy as well. While many artists struggle to find their bearings, Lifewalker is a great example of a band that was made for this.

“Patient Zero” by Scott Hansen/Digital Thunderdome Studios

Rx Tracklisting:

Diagnose Me
Hollow Vessels
Patient Zero
Falling Skies

Stephen Dodge – vocals
Shane Royer – lead guitar, programming)
Dan Halen – rhythm guitar, backup vocals, programming
Matt Evers – bass
Pericles Underhill – drums

Mixed by Will Beasley (
Mastered by Dan Halen