Leslie Jones, Though [UPDATE!]

Lisa Waugh

*It seems as though Lorne Michaels heard our plea – see below – and has made Leslie Jones a season regular. Smart move, Lorne. Read all about it here.

I’ve seen Leslie Jones exactly three times on SNL and she has blown me away every time. She got flak for her slave draft pick bit on Weekend Update but when Key and Peele did a slave auction bit – and it was hilarious – it went viral. Both bits are funny but why was Jones singled out?

Is this the garden variety dude shit? Or is Leslie Jones just too mighty for our flat screens? I think it’s time for some change up in this motherfucker.

Can we have a female Richard Pryor/Chris Rock/George Carlin? Can we have an alternative to the vanillaness of SNL that has been the go to and launched so many careers?

Lorne Michaels gets a pat on the back for letting her on the show but his restrictive formula is random and doesn’t go far enough. His struggle to put a black female cast member on the show has been embarrassing. Because we know that there are tons of funny ass women out there.

Sasheer Zamata has had her moments but she’s not near as strong comedically as Jones. But neither woman is getting that Kate McKinnon screen time. Whom I also love.

Look, we all know that Michaels runs that show like those Russian roulette scenes from Deer Hunter so I get it. It’s a fight daily to find a balance there. But when you have a mighty force like Jones, you need to make room for all of that.

Because Jones is a mighty force.  She says all of the things. ALL of them. And given a chance, the audience will love her.saturday-night-live-s-leslie-jones-gets-hit-with-controversy-after-making-slavery-jokes

Are you scared of a tall, loud black woman? (I’m not talking to you white law enforcement officers anywhere) Because I’m not.

This the woman you want in the house when CNN tells you that there is a zombie apocalypse and they are saying this crouched under the news desk. Wolf is crying. He’s texting O’Reilly trying to make it right…

You ain’t got no guns, no crossbow. No water. No food saved up. All you need is Leslie Jones. This woman has got you. She has got you.

I believe in this force of comedy. She’s the coffee in which Lena Dunham’s creamy whiteness can swirl. She’s the backbone of strong sketches and memorable moments. Our new Hader.

She needs to be given the time to evolve her career and finely hone her act. Without all of those years not just on stage but on TV, Louis C.K. would only be known as the guy who wrote and directed Pootie Tang.

I want to see more of Jones anywhere. Everywhere. Why can’t it be on Saturday Night Live?

Watch her stand up, Problem Child. It kills. She paces the stage. Uses her height and her body. And her Steve Irwin bit is just fucking amazing.