Leonino’s ‘Naked Tunes’ Proves He’s Still Got Something To Tell Us

From the first few strains of Naked Tunes, Leonino sounds like he could be the third member of Flight of the Conchords and I mean that as the highest of compliments. Just listen to “I Think We Should Be Friends (feat, Pier Bucci).” He’d fit right in.

Naked Tunes is one of those albums you keep close by to reset the day, a party, a trip up the coast or to reflect upon the night you just had. Leonino is a first-rate scene setter. An expert, in fact.

Witty, sardonic and wickedly talented, Leonina, aka Jorge Gonzalez, knows how to tell a story whether it be a protest anthem against a dictator or a love song so right on, your lover will come undone.

First, a little history about this popular artist. Leonino was the vocalist for one of Chile’s most popular bands ever, Los Prisioneros. The band lead the musical front the resistance movement against Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Leonino was the voice of a generation of oppressed youth

Leonino was the voice of a generation of oppressed youth

Los Prisioneros, with Leonino at the helm, became the voice of a generation in the 80s and was known throughout Latin America, selling millions of records.

Leonino is a restless spirit who has used his solo career to reinvent his music and message. For a man who looks like if David Lynch had a baby with Pat Smear, Leonino’s music is playful and exquisite.

And because he is wide open to innovation, Leonino collaborates with artists from all over the world from various styles and background. The result is Naked Tunes, pop infused with samba, rock, country, punk and pure, concentrated Leonino.

Naked Tunes features collaborations by brothers Pier and Juan Pablo Bucci, Mariano Scopel, Argenis Brito, Martin Schopf, Tobias Freund and Miguel Toro.

A fun little bit pulled from Leonino’s biography describs his musical journey this way:

Never afraid of stating his opinions with sarcastic humor and raw talent, he guided the trio through a series of best-selling albums full of bile and discordance. It was a journey that began with the disenchantment of straight-forward punk-a-billy and meandered through different song structures, including an occasional excursion into ballads and other cross-genres, and the use of samples, keyboards and electronic sounds.

Whether you’re a Leonino/Los Prisioneros fan or a brand new listener, Naked Tunes demonstrates Leonino’s power to speak to tale the tell and move us.

Recommended Tracks from Naked Tunes:

“I Think We Should Be Friends (feat. Pier Bucci)
“Don’t Change Your Mind”
“Not a Sound (feat. Mariano Scopel”

All songs are produced by Leonino at Krossener Studios, Berlin, mixed and mastered by Tobias Freund (except There Is a Light, mixed by Matthew Styles-Harris). This album is for Gia. Published by HR in an edition of 500 copies.

“Don’t Change Your Mind”