Kris Heaton: World Gone Mad

By T.L. Oney

Kris Heaton likes a good time and he likes talking about the state of things. He manages to mix those things well on his latest record World Gone Mad. He and his bandmates seem to be enjoying themselves as they rip through the roads of Heaton’s world.

World Gone Mad pulls from Heaton’s thoughts on many topics. He’s an experienced and accomplished musician so there’s a lot packed in there. There’s longing, barrooms, and the determination to do better and make things better. The album is neither preachy nor soft.

Heaton is joined by his fellow musicians, who all seem to know how to have a good time. They also make music look easy. The hard-won tracks will tell you otherwise. A lot of work goes into these projects.

You don’t have to pay attention to all of that. Heaton and company are not looking for medals. They are only here to entertain and enlighten. Mission accomplished.

World Gone Mad Tracklisting:

1. Who Let the Bullets Fly
2. World Gone Mad
3. When We Danced
4. Something New
5. I Want You
6. When the Sun Goes Down
7. Drink to the Girls
8. The Moment
9. One Thin Line
10. Where the Wind Blows
11. Way of the World
12. Better World