King Ropes: Dirt

By Lisa Waugh

Witty, raw, honest and excellently made, King Rope’s latest record Dirt is a knock out. You can feel the dust blow up from the desert. The gentle jangle of truck keys, boots on gravel, a coffin being lowered into the ground with ropes, and all of the cinematic things the mind can conjure as each track cooks along.

Dave Hollier leads this merry band of wayfarers consisting of Konrad MeissnerDylan Treleven, Ben Roth, and Adam Wolcott Smith, adding his tried and true vagabond spiritualism to their urban alt country punk garage rock. All of the years Hollier spent in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and his hometown of Bozeman, Montana (where he now resides) ripple like hot concrete through a long lens.

Dirt is a great soundtrack for a bar fight, a marriage proposal at a roadside diner, a Pride parade outside a monster truck pull, a lazy walk through the woods, or anywhere you care to be.

Hollier explains Dirt’s origins. “After years of working with my hands, I was at a place in my life with a severe lack of dirt under my fingernails,” Hollier says. “So I guess that calling it Dirt is a bit of an incantation, hoping to attract more of it back into my life.  Musically, I felt pretty strongly about balancing out the pretty, sweet elements with the raw, gritty stuff, both in the sounds and the lyrics.”

Hollier’s lyrics reflect a life fully lived with many more miles to clock. He’s excited about taking Dirt and the band out on tour. “I’ve got a record that I’m really psyched about, and a super solid band who get all the influences I’m trying to bring together,” he concludes. “I’m excited to get these songs out in the world. This stuff is so much fun to play, and I want to share it with people. My life has taken me down a bunch of different paths, and to a lot of different places, but right now I’m feeling lucky to be able to dive deep into playing this music.”

Audiences are in for a treat.

Dave Hollier – Vocals, guitars, noise
Konrad Meissner – Drums
Dylan Treleven – Bass, guitars
Ben Roth – Guitars
Adam Wolcott Smith – Guitars, keys

Dave Hollier – Production
Barry Conle – Engineering/Mixing – Outer Space Studios – Venice, CA
Konrad Meissner – Engineering
Don Piper – Mixing
Paul Gold – Mastering – Salt Mastering, Brooklyn, NY

Dogleg Boy
Lurch on Sister
Long Lost Boy
She Says / Come On
International Shortwave
Shovel and a Pickaxe
Mandolins and Gasoline
Low Over Cheyenne
She’s a Runner
Rocks in Little Crevices