Kimia Penton’s Lessons from Life and Love

By R.B. Sloane
Violinist and music maker Kimia Penton has put together a smart record with Lessons from Life and Love. The record is a natural mix of life and love songs via the Middle East, London, and Dallas. All those places have influenced Penton to create a universally appealing and rich experience.

The blend of country-esque melodies and urban violin makes tracks like “My Kind of Love” unique to Penton’s indelible musical trademark. Penton is also a supremely talented songwriter. Her lyrics are unapologetically soulful and sincere, the type of lyrics country fans know so well but here it they also serve in the pop genre. The album is authentic in this way.

It’s an easy listen but listen closely enough and there a deep undercurrent of emotion drawn from reality. Lush, heartbreaking, and flowing.

Stand out tracks: “The Door,” “Memories of You,” and “Start Again.”

Kimia Penton: Vocals, violin, songwriting

Certain live shows feature:
Wes Stephenson – bass
Leslie Williams Blum – piano
Kelyn Crapp – guitar
Francis Moka – percussion.

Album produced by Kimia Penton and Francis Moka at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas

Lessons from Life and LoveTracklisting:

1. My Kind of Love
2. The Door
3. Pieces
4. Crossroads
5. Start Again
6. Memories of you