Keez Water Creatures

By Lisa Waugh
Brad Jones as Keez is here to bring the funk and the joyful noise to a screen near you. There’s so much packed into Water Creatures from a superb ‘70s film score Moogy pop to an ‘80s Reggae tide by way of The Police and Peter Gabriel. The production of the record is just as fun as the tracks themselves, feeling straight out of the eras they reflect.

There’s so much going on in Keez’s mind, it’s easy to see how 17 tracks doesn’t begin to capture the wizardry of his brain chemistry. There’s so many experiences within the tracks on Water Creatures. You get completely different feelings from “Motorcycle” to “Mr. Stallebrown” to “YesMaybe.”

You’ll find a lot thought and meaning ripping through the record but somehow this is not a chaotic experience. The overall effect is like a complicated plan folded in a small set of instructions. And the instructions are highly important in surviving some great catastrophe, cathartic moment, or historical even. Water Creatures is putting something into rich context.

Keez also has a previously devious sense of humor. We may be looking at the echo of a dying star. But he’s got jokes. If you want to dance, ponder, break shit, take a stroll, save the world, reject that terrible idea with style, or recover with a glass of your favorite beverage, Keez is ready to baptize you.

It’s an album you’ll be glad you own. Definitely own it.

Members / Instruments:
Written and largely performed by Keez.
Tony Smiley-guitar
M0sley W0tta raps on the track “YesMaybe”
David Miller Guitar on Paradise
Jena Delrae helped produce 5-6 songs and she is on The Game and Heresay

Water Creatures Tracklist:

1. Motorcycle
2. Wake Up Calm
3. Killed4Profit
4. Give N Take
5. The Game
6. Whiskey
7. YesMaybe (ft. M0sley W0tta)
8. Paradise
9. Mr. Stallenbrown
10. Off Grid
11. Zood