Justin Shapiro: Campfire Party

By Lyle Lister

Justin Shapiro’s new solo album Campfire Party is a celebration as well as a call to action. Shapiro proves you can have a message and a good time at the same time. Campfire Party has got a song for every mood, too. Political ballads, inspirational anthems, love songs, and some good old body-moving rhythms.

The D.C. native knows how to spin a tale about the current climate without overreaching, preaching, or bumming the listener out. His John Hiatt-tinged voice makes me trust him. And his music gives me hope as does a lot of the music coming out of this dark time. Silver lining, eh?

Another component of this album is Shapiro’s way of sharing his life experiences. He’s got a particular knack for honing a tale that draws you in which makes him a go to artist for times like these.

Resist, relax, and reflect. He does it all on Campfire Party.

“This album is 10 plus years in the making. Some old songs, some new ones. From songs about love to changing the way we think as a society, Campfire Party is a true representation of Justin Shapiro as both an artist and a person.”

Campfire Party Track List:
1. Lost In Time
2. Mr. Bluebird
3. Tyrannosaurus Rex
4. Brighter Days
5. Inspiration Nation
6. Forgive & Forgotten
7. My Own Way
8. If You Wanna Wake Up!
9. Human Hurricane
10. Stand
11. Campfire Party

Justin Shapiro – Guitar, vocals
Derick Wiggins – Bass, guitar
Dave Chaeltzky – Drums