Joykill Collective’s New Battle Cry

By Antiem Boydh7DvsOpV0jSo1Mn9cAg0NR6ZNJE4_EiUr3SzgkIakus

Joykill Collective began as a solo project for Leif. The young artist lived in an attic in Northampton as part of an artistic commune. As he shared his politicalIy charged views with his fellow commune dwellers and they shared their thoughts and ideas about how messed up the world is, something began to germinate. “Battle Cry” is the culmination.

It’s refreshing to know that people are still joining together in constructive dissent. Angry youth who grow their own vegetables sometimes end up growing some of the best musical messages. New thoughts on deeply, set in corruption are a necessary part of any democracy and/or revolution.

The single is the beginning of Joykill Collective’s work. A debut record is on the way. The band aim to evoke the sound of Biffy Clyro and Alice In Chains. They certainly have the rawness seen in the earlier careers of either. There’s kind of DIY Knights of the Roundtable vibe happening with Joykill Collective.

“Battle Cry” is a powerful song but does suffer a bit from some slightly murky production. The vocals are a bit buried. Still, the power and the message are intact. Joykill Collective has a future if they want it.

Joykill Collective Members / Instruments:
Leif – Vocals, production, guitar
Jakob Loveless – Guitar, backing vocals, noise
Lewicius – Drums, backing vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
Ricky – Bass
Ben – Writing
Andy – Visuals

Production: Joykill Collective