Joshua Worden’s ‘Into Fog’ Is Clearly Boundless

by Lisa Waugh

Joshua Worden’s latest record Into Fog makes me proud to be a Southerner. Although Worden’s record is not what non-Southerners would expect. The album has a wide reach and is another example of how music there has evolved beyond the tent poles of country, rockabilly, Southern rock, pop and hip hop.

Worden’s music isn’t any of these. Or maybe all of these refracted and filtered through an experimental trap door.

Joshua Worden's depiction of  the ATL is refreshingly unexpected

Joshua Worden’s depiction of the ATL is refreshingly unexpected

Into Fog is a rich blend of atmospheric melodies and soulful lyrics that pool together to create a mighty crashing ocean built expertly from Worden’s life. This is a satisfying, universal album.

The record is filled with references to Worden’s native ATL as he describes hurdling toward manhood, taking youthful risks with his friends and crawling around the sprawling, ever-changing city. Along the way, Worden reflects upon the stark contrast of being aware of where he’s been and where he’s headed.

I’m especially taken with “Something” and “Midnight” as well as the title track. Both worthy of sweeping film scores and any record collection.

Worden gives the impression that he holed up to gather his experiences and to discover what propelled him forward. No matter where he created the record, the ethereal lilt of the album doesn’t have any boundaries.

The final result is languid as well as sharp. Dark and elusive. Killer.

With friends like these to roam
the midnight streets and smoke
and drink malt liquor
got from Hey Mister

Worden’s live band consists of himself (vocals, keys, guitar, synth, samples) and Will Montgomery (drums, vocals, samples).

Into Fog Production:
Self-produced and mixed. Mastered by Paul Lapinski.

Into Fog Tracklisting:

1. Into Fog
2. Boundless
3. Right at Home
4. It Ain’t Bad
5. Calls to You
6. Gone On Down
7. Something
8. Warmth
9. Hard Won
10. Twenty
11. Wake, Child
12. Dark Horizon