Joel Ansett’s The Nature of Us

By Lisa Waugh
He’ll have to pardon the comparison to Jason Mraz (most notably on the track “In the Eye”) because Joel Ansett is worthy of it. The shocker is that The Nature of Us is Ansett’s first full-length record. A gorgeously rendered collection of folk, pop and R&B.

Ansett’s example of a self-financed (through Kickstarter) project serves as a blueprint and inspiration for other indie artists. Talent, hard work, collaboration with other talented artists, extensive touring, experimentation while also producing work, and the best use of crowdfunding… all make a career, create a fanbase, and inspire perpetual conversation.

The Nature of Us is excellently produced, buoyant, rich, and enjoyably so. Each track demonstrates a level in Ansett’s skill set whether it’s songwriting, arranging, or vocals. The overall effect of the record is a peaceful awe.

Ansett was born to create music. He looks at home doing it. And many times, he’s been exceptional. Across five singles, an EP, and this record, the artist keeps pushing himself to new heights. One of the things that put him on the map was Ansett’s cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” The simple video below reveals why so many people were knocked out by Ansett.

The Nature of Us, and, in fact, all of Ansett’s work, is worth taking in, whether you’re seeking relaxation, a meditative moment, or because good music feels good. Enjoy yourself.

“Lose Yourself”

Joel Ansett – Vocals, guitar

Production: Produced by Brandon Weaver and Chase Weber

The Nature of Us Tracklisting:
1. Kingdom Come
2. Already In Love
3. Turn to Gold
4. My Heart Is Set
5. Covered Up
6. In the Eye
7. Tragedy Is Not the End
8. Give Our Hearts Some Weight
9. The Cycle
10. New York
11. Wonderfully Made
2. Kings and Queens