Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ‘The Beginning’ of a New Jazz Era

Joan Torres’s The Beginning is transforming our office today. I’ve learned never to ask anyone if they like jazz. If you don’t know anything about fusion or the genre, it’s best just to put on the good stuff and let things happen. Let minds changes. Doesn’t matter if progressive jazz isn’t your thing, you need Joan Torres’s The Beginning in your rotation.

The Beginning is masterfully crafted. Probably because Joan Torres seems to be an easy going perfectionist. Or just really really good at this. His complete immersion in many styles and theories has garnered him spots in bands with world renown musicians. This constant collaboration has shaped his sound in a profound way, bending his music towards the old school world while sound completely modern.

Joan Torres and All Is Fused: Sergio González, Emanuel Rivera, Fernando García, Jonathan Suazo, Gabriel Vicéns and Gerson Orjuela

Joan Torres and All Is Fused: Sergio González, Emanuel Rivera, Fernando García, Jonathan Suazo, Gabriel Vicéns and Gerson Orjuela

And that’s no small feat for a guy in his mid 20s. Torres sounds like a musician who’s been composing and playing for 30 years. From rock to reggae, Torres slides smoothly into many genres.

Torres set out to learn everything about music from a very young age, studying jazz harmony and theory under mentor, guitarist Antonio Caraballo. Later at the Berklee in Puerto Rico and Boston, Torres studied with legends such as Matthew Garrison, Victor Mendoza, Gabriel Lugo and Marco Lopez. You don’t get access to that level of experience unless you can bring something to the table. Not that Torres is bragging. I am doing that for him.

Joan Torres’s All Is Fused is not a fluke or random gathering of talent either. All Is Fused is also a group of young, extremely talented artists who bring to mind the Pat Metheny Unity Group and Weather Report.

Liquid, rippling, gorgeous…The Beginning shines and shimmers in the hands of Sergio González, Emanuel Rivera, Fernando García, Jonathan Suazo, Gabriel Vicéns, Gerson Orjuela and by the guiding light of Joan Torres.

Standout tracks for me are “Summoning,” “Disjunct Realities,” “There Was You” and “Escape.” “There Was You” is one of those old school tracks that works for me on so many levels. A good rain song. A good sunrise song.

But those are just my favorites because in reality, the whole damn record is worth the download.

So don’t overthink it. Whether you like jazz or don’t care for it. Just slip The Beginning into your ears and listen to some good music today.

Joan Torres’s All Is Fused Members/Instruments:
Sergio González – Guitar
Emanuel Rivera – Piano
Fernando García – Drums
Jonathan Suazo – Alto Sax
Gabriel Vicéns – Guitar (tracks 4, 7)
Gerson Orjuela – Drums (track 1)
Joan Torres – Bass

The Beginning Production:
Produced by Joan Torres
Recorded February 24 and 25, 2014 at Playbach Studio, San Juan, PR
Ramón Martínez – Studio/Mixing Engineer
Carlos Velázquez – Studio/Recording Engineer
David Rodríguez – Mastering Engineer

The Beginning Tracklisting:
1. Summoning
2. Release
3. Disjunct Realities
4. Mess
5. There Was You
6. Disruption
7. Nightmare
8. Escape

Jazz+, Progressive Jazz