Jay Clark Band: Turning It Up

By Stephen Chow

Jay Clark Band have released a thoroughly enjoyable modern Southern Rock at its finest with Turning It Up. The album has the right mix of moods and melodies.

You’ve got your party songs, your get-your shit-I’m-leaving-you anthem, your nostalgia for the past, hankering for home, and some straight-up, whoop-ass shit kickers. There’s even a political tune on the album, although not too heavy handed.

Jay Clark and his crew make crafting a bedrock American album look easy. It’s taken years of time on the water to make it look effortless. Many try and fail to turn out a truly balanced record from this genre. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sap or preachy or too much greasy and sleazy.

Jay Clark Band manages to keep Turning It Up right in that sweet pocket. Just enough thought-provoking lyrics blended with solid body-moving tunes to set you right on a Friday night.

Turning It Up Track List:
1. Turning It Up
2. On My Way
3. Won’t Let You Down
4. Backroads
5. A Storm Is Coming
6. Crank It Up Loud
7. Coming Back To You
8. Hometown

Jay Clark Band:
Jay Clark – Singer, guitar, gass
Rob Carlson – Lead guitar
Dwayne Russell – Keyboards
Coby Utterback – Drums