Jas Patrick’s Inky Ovine, a Study In Music Independence

By Stephen Chow
Jas Patrick is the old rodeo poster for the modern day indie artist. Wishing to focus on pure music creation, Patrick built a recording studio in his spare bedroom in Nashville, piece by piece. He and engineer Brad Bass embedded themselves in the home studio and the end results are pretty fucking stellar. Click on any track and you’ll know what I mean. It’s hard to not listen. You’re drawn to Inky Ovine.

Patrick grew up in the music business. His father played with Clint Black. Patrick would tour with Noel Haggard, Merle’s son, as an 18-year-old drummer. So the musician already knew the nuts and bolts of what was needed for a sublime recording studio. The home studio was worthy of the record and Patrick and Bass should be proud. Inky Ovine is exciting because it feels almost raw yet completely polished.

Patrick, like many indie artists, didn’t want any of that bullshit clock watching that goes on when studios are booked by the hour. In this same spirit, Patrick owns his own label, Tiny Lion Records, that he runs with wife Vicki. Patrick also conceptualized, produced, and directed the video for “Harpy.”

So what about Inky Ovine? What does is sound like? Why should you care?

First off, Patrick’s voice sounds like it, too, has a beard. It’s an old school Southern rock voice emitting from a youthful face sitting on top of the music like a goddamn golden eagle. There’s just not a voice out there like this. And that’s a nice surprise with everyone trying to sound like someone else.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the tracks but I’m particularly fond of “Party Line (Classified).” I also had a party line growing up so the song sticks with me for that reason as well. “Harpy” is as big as anything coming out of Nashville right now. “Little Bug” stays with me. A kind of fucked up bedtime story for adults who ponder their choices in the middle of the night.

I suggest listening to Inky Ovine. It’s going to do you right.


Jas Patrick- guitar, drums, piano
Production: Jas Patrick, Brad Bass

Inky Ovine Tracklisting:
1. Harpy
2. Party Line (Classified)
3. Inky Ovine
4. Little Bug
5. Didn’t Ask
6. Snow Day