Jared Deck Unleashes “17 Miles”

Jared Deck: “17 Miles”

By Stephen Chow June 9, 2015
If you’re looking to get your Bruce Springsteen or Mellencamp on, Jared Deck has got you. His new single “17 Miles” gets the blood pumping, the engines revving, and the wind machine…uh, winding just in time for a red hot American summer.

Raucous, old school and blistering like Georgia asphalt, “17 Miles” is the only way to get ‘er done this morning as I rush out to move my bike in from the “rain” of Southern California. Look, I don’t lead a manly life and this song reminds me of that. This is a song you play in a truck on the way back from plowing a field or herding cattle as you bump along a dusty highway toward the local watering hole.

I mean, my head is bobbing but my feet are in desperate need of cowboy boots. I’m actually not kidding. This is a song that requires you change your wardrobe. I trust that Deck knows how to motivate this kind of heart stir. Deck is straight outta Oklahoma so you know he’s speaking the heartland truth on “17 Miles.” You can’t hail from the land of Buck Owens and suck.

“17 Miles” is that screaming eagle of a song that all sorts can get behind and use as a ready made anthem for whatever cause is at hand. Even if that hand might be just water skiing and drinking beer or an F-1510 commercial. Neither are wrong. Well, unless the driver of the boat is drunk.

But in Jared Deck’s world, happiness is just “17 Miles” straight down that gravel road. And I believe him.

Jared Deck – vocal, acoustic guitar, tambourine
Brandon Cink (Pearl Snaps, Green Corn Revival) – electric guitar
Fred Hanradt (Aranda) – bass
Travis McKinzie (Loomis Road, Tear Stained Eye) – drums
Jacy Deck (Green Corn Revival) – piano
Chris Wiser (Sugar Free All Stars, Grammy winner) – organ

Jared Deck, Jacy Deck, Travis McKinzie

Jared Deck, Travis McKinzie, Chad Roper (Aranda, Charlie Hall)

Wes Sharon (John Fullbright, Parker Millsap, Turnpike Troubadours, The Grahams, Grammy nominee)

Eric Conn of Independent Mastering (Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, John Prine, Nickel Creek, Townes Van Zandt, Grammy nominee)