Jane in Space: Feel It Alive

By Stephen Chow

I’m into it. The name of the band. Every track of Feel It Alive. I’m one of those people who loves ‘90s music. And Jane in Space serves it up very well on this record.

It’s more than an homage. There’s a definite electronic edge of the now. We’re here and now and back again on “Say Something,” “Dehydrated,” and title track “Feel It Alive.” I particularly enjoyed “Jane3” because it reminds us that we’re here in the middle aughts. That steel bite.

I have put “Dizzy Head” on repeat. Definitely my favorite track on Feel It Alive. “Weightlessness” is worthy of an arena. “Mental Abrasions” and “Helsinki” take a turn for the Nine Inch Nails. The latter track is worthy of a techno crane on a windswept mountain in Iceland. It just does.

“Spiderwebs” dives back into that special ‘90s place. Please let Kate Bush pop up in the music video. Second favorite track, BTW.

Blown away by “Jane9.”

I’m glad Jane is in space. She’s making the universe Britpop again. She gets five stars.

“Feel It Alive” directed by Permian Strata

Tom Vickers – Vocals
Josh Stillman – Bass
Jesse Jensen – Electronics, guitar, keys

Production: Jesse Jensen, mastering by Tom Baker
Artwork: Joseph Irizarry
Font: Jeroen Kant

Say Something
Dizzy Head
Mental Abrasions
Feel It Alive