Jacqui L: Planet Parallel 5

By Castio Guerrera

Jacqui L isn’t just making music for aliens who visit her home planet, she also makes music for faeries, dark elves, orcs, you name it.

Her music is other worldly and mesmerizing. Her latest record Planet Parallel 5 doesn’t quite fit into the prog rock genre. But it perches nearby. Jacqui L’s music is pop, chase, ambient rock, and melodic mood music. The record is more of a score than anything with heavy emphasis on dramatic storytelling.

Jackqui L’s music videos demonstrate her talent for creating deeply entertaining visuals. She not only directs and edits them, she’s also involved in every aspect of production. That commitment is what makes her music feel so complete and satisfying.

On Planet Parallel 5, she takes us on a weird and wonderful odyssey into a new and strange world.

The record’s greeting message reads:
“Welcome to PLANET PARALLEL 5 (PP5). The birth planet of your tour guide – Jacqui L – The Little Scorpion Girl with her eyes on her tail.

The PLANET PARALLEL 5 Tourism Board (PP5TB) very much hopes you enjoy your stay and in the interest of your continuing pleasure and safety, strongly advise that you refrain from venturing too near the trees and do not feed the birds – both have been known to bite.

The PP5TB appreciate that you have transversed quite the intergalactic highway to arrive on our beautiful black and grey shores, and recommend that the best known treatment for intergalactic rocket-lag is to lie back on a comfy bean bag, put on your very best headphones, close your eyes and experience a taste of the the auditory delights that PLANET PARALLEL 5 has to offer.

Dinner will be served at 18:00 PP5ST (PLANET PARALLEL 5 standard time).”

I was playing Planet Parallel 5 out loud in the office and Stephen Chow rolled his chair over, as he does, and said, quite emphatically, “This sounds like music Pris from Blade Runner would play on her Beats by Dre headphones as she worked out and made tea from her own tears.” Then he slowly dramatic rolled back to his desk. He actually means that as a compliment. Stephen is strange and he loves things that are different so this is his stamp of approval.

So there you have it, whether you’re a plant-based being, flesh and blood, made of pieces of the sun, or a replicant, there’s something for you on Jacqui L’s Planet Parallel 5. Enjoy.

“I’ll Covet”



All songs written by Jacqui L
All vocals and keys – Jacqui L
Produced/drums/percussion – Joe Accaria
Produced/guitars/engineered and mixed – Marty Hailey
Bass on all tracks (except Rich Man and Could Be) – Dave Symes
Bass on Rich Man and Could Be – James Haselwood
Mastered – King Willie Sound (William Bowden)

Recorded at Blackfoot Sound by Marty Hailey

Planet Parallel 5 Tracklisting:

1. Happy Birthday
2. Frankenstein
3. Rich Man
4. I’ll Covet
5. Cold
6. Decaying Orbit
7. Under the Noise
8. Could Be
9. Stroke It
10. Distraction