Jacob Didas: Lucid

By Stephen Chow

Okay, I love this dude’s music. He’s lived a life. Jacob Didas rolled out of a large family in Buffalo. Worked as a nurse. Was in the Army ROTC at Canisius College. He was stationed with the Army in Honolulu where he spent time as a psychiatric nurse, working with returning soldiers.

And all along music traveled with him. He absorbed R&B, reggae, ska, rap, rock. Didas also saw pain, confusion, loss, and the immense obstacles reflected back from his patients. Music wasn’t just an outlet, it was a release. A way to connect. A way in and a way out.

His latest record Lucid reflects all of that and more. I think the key here is his empathy and compassion. The record is heavy. It’s light. It’s full. It’s fucking real. I seriously can’t get enough of Didas’s music. Every track is on. His flow is tight. The lyrics kill, rip, render, and heal. This right here… is it.

I don’t know if it was a conscious decision on Didas’s part to make the production sound translucent. It’s affecting.

Jacob Didas is for real. He has the kind of talent and heart that matters. Launch, man. Launch.

Jacob Didas – Keyboard, piano, vocals
Production: Jacob Didas

1. Drumroll
2. Manic
3. Deluded
4. Wagwan
5. Flight
6. Phantom
7. Homebound
8. Aisle (Interlude)
9. Octane
10. Vision