J Burn’s Burnt Blue, Americana In the Here and Now

By Antiem Boyd

j-burn-beachBurnt Blue is a quest of sorts. Finding a way to the heart and soul of healing by way of storytelling. J Burn is not alone in his journey on his new EP. He brings along some heavyweights from the Bay Area. Burnt Blue features the work of Jay Lane of Primus and Jason Crosby of Carlos Santana, Phil Lesh, and Dave Matthews. Robin Sylvester, who was a part of making The Beatles’ Abbey Road, also adds value to the project. It was recorded at Bob Weir’s TRI Studios in San Rafael.

Burn demonstrates that Americana and folk still have something to offer to listeners. The unsung genre requires skill at lyric crafting, equal to the importance of the melody. For those who haven’t put some decent Americana in their ears recently,

is a good way to check back in.

There’s also a renewed sense of purpose here. Inner pondering without the heavy tread. Introspection doesn’t have to be a downer. Americana and folk can do that. J Burn does it well.

If he’ll pardon the comparison, Burn’s voice is an uncanny Paul Simon from the early days. More than that, Burn can time travel between the ‘60s and the now. Burn’s take on what he does is straight forward.

“I am a musician who comes from a line of musical creators. I make the music I hear and feel, from my life moments an experiences… Sometimes when I need to heal, other times to express moments of joy or to reflect… To me, music is the universal language that can offer amazing power for change, today usually under estimated,” Burn says.

Burnt Blue is an artful example of the genre, of music. Well made. Full of heart.

Jay Burn: Vocals / Guitar
Jay Lane: Drums / Percussion (Primus, Furthur, Ratdog)
Robin Sylvester: Bass / Slide guitar – (Ratdog)
Jason Crosby: Vocals / Piano / Violin – (Toured with Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Dave Matthews, and Phil Lesh)
Michael Nuzum: Guitar / Banjo / Mandolin – (Coyote Circle Studios)

Burnt Blue Production:
Recorded and mixed in 2015 at TRI Studios in San Rafael, CA
Mastered by David Glasser, Airshow Mastering
Engineered by Michael McGinn, Brad Dollar & Rick Vargas
Produced by Jay Burn & Michael McGinn – All Lyrics & Music by Jay Burn

Burnt Blue Tracklisting:
1. Freight Train
2. Memory Lane
3. Old Time Heroes
4. Our Song Shared