J-Anthony: “It’s Official”

By Stephen Chow

J-Anthony offers up a refreshing take on telling the world about your new boo. He’s not messing with any Facebook announcement. J-Anthony straight up wrote an anthem and made a music video telling the world, “It’s Official.”

The single is from the Lenny Kravitz and Bruno Mars zip code. It’s got bounce and a kind of humble swagger. Anthony is joined by bandmates Devin Krueger, Will Schuler, and Byron Harris. There’s some solid funk and soul up in this piece and these guys know how to lay it down.

The music video is an equally welcomed departure. J-Anthony and his co-star/partner are not writhing around at the club. Not that there’s anything wrong with folks writhing around at the club, it just nice to see a real ass relationship depicted in a music video.

That’s some 2017 trendsetting, for ya, my dude.

“It’s Official” – Hogue Cinematics

J-Anthony – Vocals/Keys
Devin Krueger – Lead Guitar
Will Schuler – Drums
Byron Harris – Bass/Keys

Production: Travis Geiman/Bigfoot Studios

Devin Krueger-Lead Guitar
Will Schuler-Drums
Byron Harris-Bass/Keys
Production: Travis Geiman/Bigfoot Studios