IVANNA: Leaving Town

By Stephen Chow

Hailing from Sweden, IVANNA offers up its unique brand of atmospheric pop in the vein of The Cure and all the other great things about ‘80s and ‘90s pop reborn. Their latest is Leaving Town, a record chock full of introspection and gut wrenching emotions. But you can ignore that and just enjoy the cool sounds. Why not both?!

Ludvig Sersam’s voice is a soulful cry as siblings Jonatan Sersam (piano, harmonica) and Valdemar Sersam (drums) serve up ear wiggish tracks with Johan Dahlbom (bass) and Simon Söfelde (guitars).

IVANNA is the evolution of previous bands, Dolly Daggers and The Modern Love. The band were initially inspired by Fleetwood Mac, ‘90s punk, and country. All those roads led to the band’s current earnest, vibey pop rock sound.

A quick word about the band’s video style. Although they are worthy of a wind machine and drone set in a castle somewhere, IVANNA tends to keep things more low key and modern. See for yourself. This is IVANNA’S music video “Disease.” The video is directed by Pierre Björklund and there are zero hilltop drone scenes. But the tracking affect with popping font to reflect the lyrics feels like an update to the old school 360 sweep around while the band plays amidst smoke or fog.

Or not. IVANNA will do what it wants.

Ludvig Sersam – Vocals, guitar
Jonatan Sersam – Piano, harmonica, keyboard
Valdemar Sersam – Drums
Johan Dahlbom – Bass
Simon Söfelde – Guitars

Production: Ludvig Sersam at Bakery Studios

1. Disease
2. Fight Fire with Fire
3. My Love
4. Money
5. Tuesday
6. The Broadway show
7. Stalker
8. The city