Ivan Beecroft: Whatever

by Lisa Waugh

Ivan Beecroft only knows one way to make music; with a raw, honest, and emotional force. Beecroft is working class, he’s brutally honest, and he’s never backed down, personally or musically.

He also has a huge compassion for the underdog, having been one himself. This stance defines his work. His latest album Whatever speaks on a human level to every day struggles in a way that resonates with many fans.

Part of Beecroft’s draw is his booming and unique voice. It’s not a voice you ignore. And when that voice is hammering away at injustice or recalling the pain of loss, it’s undeniable.

Whatever calls out phoniness and bullshit while also offering solace and hope. In that, Beecroft always strikes a balance between a cry for justice and taking a moment to heal. Ivan Beecroft may be saying Whatever, but he’s far from ambivalent.

“You Can’t Take My Soul”

Producer: Ivan Beecroft

Whatever Tracklisting:
1. Sleepwalker
2. Say it to my face
3. You can’t take my soul
4. Got a reputation
5. She said
6. Believe
7. How do you sleep at night
8. Broken wing
9. Ordinary man
10. Lost child
11. One last goodbye

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