Ivan Beecroft: “Believe”

By Iain Slainey

Ivan Beecroft has lived quite the life. The former steel worker always played music. First, to escaped the unsafe conditions at work. To escape the bullshit. Then, to let out the demons and let in the angels when death took his father and life got twisted and harder.

Beecroft was hospitalized after defending his bass player and friend in a fight. Beecroft was in a coma for a month. He emerged from the moment, impaired vision in one eye and partially deaf, unable to play bass. He was done with music.

But music doesn’t ever really leave. And so it was with Beecroft who got back into his home studio and put together track after track, using his expansive set of skills. He plays flute, sax, drums, guitar, writes and records.

And he sings. He’s got a full, bottom-heavy voice. It’s a good voice.

On his latest single “Believe,” Beecroft packs in a lot of pain and hope into just over three minutes. It’s a light track yet weighted by the creator’s many experiences. “Believe” is the first from Beecroft’s upcoming record.

To get a fuller sense of Beecroft’s music, give his 2016 record Dirty Lie a listen. It’s a sort of raucous retro album. Ripping. Energetic. Touches of Kiss. Touches of early Police. Keep an ear out for Beecroft. His journey is far from over.