If ‘Midnight Special’ Was Still On the Air, CalatrilloZ Would Open for Alice Cooper

by Antiem Boyd

CalatrilloZPsalms of Zahyin

CalatrilloZ: Zahyin, Mobius, Azriel, Vargovar and Jimmy Sticks

CalatrilloZ: Zahyin, Mobius, Azriel, Vargovar and Jimmy Sticks

Kids, don’t do drugs. Do CalatrilloZ. You’ll get all kinds of high. If Incubus still did acid and got into a Behind the Music bus crash with Queen, you’d get a pretty good idea of how CalatrilloZ’s new single “I Am Alive” sounds from their latest record Psalms of Zahyin.

It’s good to know that high camp and theatrical antics are still alive and well in hard rock, lest the young children of the world get too soft on One Direction crack. Music has gotten way to serious and seeing a band bring the showmanship back into the limelight is a very good, damn thing.

I love the persona CalatrilloZ have put together. It’s out of sight as my dad would say.

Here’s a bit from the CalatrilloZ bio:

“Wanderers gathered from the darkened fringes of time, they disguise their anachronistic appearances in the identity of a circus troupe, performing wherever they briefly rest in their ceaseless search.

Led by a madman haunted by the sins of his past, they are a ramshackle assortment of lost souls bound by their search for redemption, isolation and guilt forever driving them forwards. Scouring the four corners of the Earth for five marionettes, in each of which is imprisoned a powerful demon lord, their hunt takes them to realms where few can travel and return sane.”

God, I love that. It takes a lot of balls to pull off the make-up and the act these days. Also, the London-based band has some talent behind the paint. The music soars and crashes and slaps you around, wakes you up, fluffs your pillows and then steals your wallet, all in a very philosophical way. Yeah, it’s lovely and twisted.

I love an artist that can paint a vivid backdrop, create characters that take me out of reality and let my mind wander. There’s not nearly enough of this in music today. Way too much asshole pondering. Way too many photoshopped and PR people on Twitter.

CalatrilloZ has something fun going on and the whole of Psalms of Zahyin is a good rip. You should definitely rip it.

I’ll leave you with this from CalatrilloZ:

“A storm of chaos is gathering upon the temporal horizon. Puppets are made to be commanded, and should the marionettes find themselves without a master, the demonic forces trapped within them will once again be awakened.”


CalatrilloZ Members / Instruments:
Zahyin: Vocals – Composer – Arranger
Mobius: Bass
Azriel: Guitars
Vargovar: Guitar
Jimmy Sticks: Drums

Psalms of Zahyin Production:
Zahyin ( Composition / Arrangement )
Daniel Baune (Mixing), Fascination Street Sweden ( Mastering )

Psalms of Zahyin Tracklisting:
Lords of Misery
I’m Alive
Long Winding Road
A Glimpse at a Fool’s Destiny
Z, The Psychopath