Human Darts: Explicit Thoughts

By DG Barrow

Human Darts is what happens when a band with a cult following back in the late ‘70s gives birth to various musical babies and then re-emerges from its subterranean lair in the mid aughts, having evolved into a monstrously awesome strain of its original self.

What Shane Close and John Arduser bring to Human Darts’s creator, the mysterious Mr. Zelk, is nothing short of rockabilly punk heaven because Explicit Thoughts is a raucous house party, a call to arms, and a reason to mosh.

Aren’t we all ready to mosh just about now? It’s just the sort of record to take your mind off of the shit circus of the world. Or give you a much needed break before getting back out there in the trenches.

“Hey Good Lookin’” is a must listen, in all of its Darty glory. And “Tell My Sister?” Well, shit, just listen to it. You’ll feel it.

Zelk and company have reanimated rockabilly for the modern age and served up a fresh batch of punk as well. The musical guru Mr. Zelk has done what all great indie music makers should do, keep beats, melodies, and thoughts fresh with new blood.

Long live the Darts.


Shane Close – Guitar,vocals
John Arduser – Guitar, vocals
Mr. Zelk – Drums, keyboard, lead vocals

Parsonage Studios Tampa
Jeff Knauff – engineer

Tell my sister
Zombie man chant
Hey good lookin’