How a Tuna Sandwich Inspired a Song for The New Investors

by R.B. Sloane

The New Investors “Atún” from digital

The New Investors: Kristian Karup, Fredy Kaalhauge, Søren Tiemroth,  Glenn Müller

The New Investors: Kristian Karup, Fredy Kaalhauge, Søren Tiemroth, Glenn Müller

The New Investors are a fresh blast from Denmark, bringing new fans their special brand of psychedelic surf and cocktail soundtrack, full of big sky, big water and an ocean of talent. The single “Atún” gives a hint at what The New Investor’s record digital is all about. Seriously gifted but always approaching music with a sense of humor, The New Investors are determined to be themselves while also reminding us of OK Go.

“Atún” has a Pulp Fiction thrang to it, making it an instant hit with cinephiles and new music seekers. It’s more hepcat than hipster which makes the tune even more appealing. Picture beach blanket bingo with lots of weed.

Their wacky live stage antics have also made The New Investors popular. There’s a strange story about a tuna sandwich and the inspiration for “Atún” goes something like this: The New Investors played The Cavern Club in 2013, the legendary Beatles club in Liverpool. During the show, lead singer and apparent prankster Glenn Mûller introduced drummer Kristian Karup as being from Spain. Karup, who is not from Spain and even more of a prankster than Mûller, took the moment to survey the room and spot a guy eating what he thought was a tuna sandwich.

Karup asked the crowd, “”Tienes un boccadillo con atún?” or “Do you have a tuna sandwich?” The confused crowd looked at each other until a guy yelled back, “”Pero no hay!” or “But I don’t have any!”

Thus, “Atún” was conceived. Makes about as much sense as any song’s origin story. Only in music can tuna and art coexist. We recommend downloading this tune as well as any and all of the tracks on The New Investor’s digital.

The New Investors Members / Instruments:
Kristian Karup (drums)
Fredy Kaalhauge (bass, vocals)
Søren Tiemroth (guitar, keys, vocals)
Glenn Müller (vocal, guitar)

“Atún” Production:
by Peter iversen and The New Investors in Viktoria Recording Studio in Copenhagen

Watch the music video for “Atún”