Hot in the Hollow: Mison Brings An Edge to Ichabod Crane

By Lisa Waugh

There’s nothing like a time jumping twist on a known story created by the masters behind Fringe to make me love a Sunday afternoon. Tom Mison brings a Jesus-evoking, sexy Ichabod Crane to life in Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, full of wonder and irritation with the world after being in stasis for 250 years.

One of the biggest treats of the show is seeing the modern world from Ichabod Crane’s point of view. Crane advises the NorthStar lady, Yolanda, about love from an antiquated yet eloquent point of view while also thanking her for unlocking the doors to the carriage from afar. Apparently car door locks baffle him and the automatic windows are endlessly fascinating. But when Crane learns that Americans call the time of dumping tea into a harbor The Boston Tea Party, he is not exactly amused.

Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison create wide awake entertainment with their witty rapport

Mison is countered, in good form, by Nicole Beharie who plays local Lieutenant (Crane insists upon addressing her as leftenant) Abbie Mills in a little town called Sleepy Hollow, New York.

I immediately knew why I’d watch this show when Crane began to speak in a deeply serious yet oddball cadence much like my beloved Walter from Fringe. I could take or leave the other characters on Fringe but I stayed for Walter.

Crane evokes the old world in the original hipster tight pants and has an air of Russell Brand if he were less kooky. Well, maybe Mison’s crane is exactly like Russell Brand.

The plot of Sleepy Hollow goes way beyond Washington Irving’s simple but chilling plot of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (well, if you’re 4 and they don’t have TV at your house) and has Crane enlisted into General George Washington’s army to fend off the end of the world.

There’s the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse straight out of Revelations, witches, the lost colony of Roanoke and all kinds of other bendable historical stuff. Sticklers will super hate it. But for those of us who believe that history is many times the result of Telephone and surely things got blown out of proportion, I’m fine with it.

I did love Johnny Depp in Burton’s take on the Hollow as he was playing the role as Angela Lansbury. True story. And you can’t beat Walken with filed teeth. Too bad Christina Ricci checked out for that one. But no matter. Burton’s turn was a good romp and well done. There’s room up in the Hollow for more spins on the story.

If you like a little X-Files mixed with your Revolutionary War bits, then you’ll love Sleep Hollow with a smoking hot Crane and whip smart partner to face off with a headless, broadaxe-bearing Hessian. Pure fun.