Here’s Your Neon Funkadelic Electronica Dream: Gumshen and Their New Record ‘DigiBites’

by Antiem Boyd

Gumshen: DigiBites

Gumshen: Ron Hippie, Jan Ciganik, Dennis McCoy and Chip Reno

Gumshen: Ron Hippie, Jan Ciganik, Dennis McCoy and Chip Reno

Gumshen is coming at your in all of their blended glory. Sure, they changed trains at the prog rock and indie rock stations with a loop around funky town but they’re here just in time to reveal their latest jam, DigiBites. What I learned instantly from listening to this record: Gumshen deserves to be everywhere. Like in your car, at your desk if you have one, on the train, in the Uber, at your grandmama’s house… everywhere.

This Seattle band takes advantage of all the good aspects of every genre that matters; funk, electronica, synthpop, prog rock and something I like to call disco mule – the work horse sound of the club. That kind of extraction takes skill and Gumshen has a skill set in spades. Musically, they can pull off a small club or a big festival stage. And they have. Gumshen works best when there’s a crowd to win over. And they seem to do that every time.

After examining DigiBites quite thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that Gumshen are playful yet determined to turn out one entertaining and driving track after another.

“A Scene Like That” – Directed and edited by Remano De Beer at Twelve Eleven Studios

“A Scene Like That” – Strap on your neon Coachella feathers and crocheted, white wedding mini skirt, guys. It’s a rave to remember.

“Be Here and Now” – Starts out all pretty and then Rick James its way into your funk heart. Listened to on the way to the grocery store. Put the top down. Drove like a rock star into the Trader Joe’s parking lot.

“Latency Head” – Best name for a song I’ve heard this week, maybe month. I like the easy electronica of this track. Not too fussy.

“Don’t Stop the Music” – If the skating rink disco were still open in my hometown, I’d be there, complete with sequined skates and matching balloon pants and protesting whatever this song is protesting. Oh yeah, don’t stop the music. Believe dat.

“Pick Up the Slack” – Achtung, baby. We’re fixing to have a dance off on Duran Duran’s boat. I think we’re all going to win.

“Talk to Me” – Preach! I am officially offering this song up to RuPaul’s Drag Race for when the queens have to lip sync for their life. Like maybe for a Halloween show.

“I Need a Friend” – Don’t listen to this sweet song on a rainy day as I did. You will cry.

“Cut from the Cloth” – Love lead singer Ron Hippie’s voice on this one. He’s proof that this is way more than a festival/party band. So fun.

“Hint” – High-energy, popping, spacey, get-your-blood up track. If Matrix 2 & 3 didn’t suck, they’d of used this song on the soundtrack.

“One Track Mind” – This one is the warm up, trying on shirts for the club, having the first cocktail of the night song. It’s also the morning after, trying to get out of this strange place and find a cab anthem.

DigiBites is just a lot of fun all the way around and I recommend putting some Gumshen in your record collection this year.

Gumshen Members/Instruments:

Ron Hippe: Vocals/Keyboards/Guitars//Soft Synths/Percussion/Theremin
Jan Ciganik: Guitars/Vocals/Soft Synths
Dennis McCoy: Drums/Vocals/Soft Synths/Keyboards
Chip Reno: Bass/Vocals/Soft Synths

DigiBites Production: DigiPhobe

DigiBites Tracklisting:
A Scene Like That
Be Here and Now
Latency Head
Don’t Stop the Music
Pick Up the Slack
Talk to Me
I Need a Friend
Cut from the Cloth
One Track Mind