Here’s the Riot: Tonight We’re Alive

By Stephen Chow

Sometimes I just want to curl up with nice set of heart pounding old school speakers and bleed out of my ears in a therapeutic way. I don’t bleed for just anyone. Paris Tompkins aka Here’s the Riot is here to oblige me with his latest Tonight We’re Alive. The EP is, in a word, superb.

The lyrics are sharp, the music driving, and I felt like I’d been exorcised on some level. Musically leeched. Music that lets you get some aggression/angst/stress out of your system without breaking any laws.

Tompkins has a controlled and trained voice that can handle those upper registers. His guitar licks spew and spit fire. Eric Reymond provides the deeply groin-vibrating bass. And Victor Singer’s drums blow the doors off the place, across the neighbor’s yard, and out and up into the atmosphere.

The band has a following of all kinds. You don’t have to be a fan of alt-rock or its cousin to appreciate Here’s the Riot’s collective experience. Really doesn’t matter how you got here, Tompkins, Reymond, and Singer know how to make a record. Other artists feel the same way. Tompkins contributed “Love Makes Me Crazy” to the next season of One Mississippi. Tig Notaro is a friend. She’s not one of those friends who puts your music in project unless you’re good at what you do.

Here’s the Riot is good in any space. I enjoyed their version of “Heroes.” “TTMFU” is an instant go to anthem. “Tonight We’re Alive” is my favorite, delivering the juiciest of rock and head-banging kicks. As summer wanes and we’re setting up for a late afternoon BBQ, Tonight We’re Alive is just the right way to head into the night.

“Love Makes Me Crazy”

Paris Tompkins – Guitar, vocals
Eric Reymond – Bass
Victor Singer – Drums

Production: Paris Tompkins

Tonight We’re Alive Tracklisting:
1. Love Makes Me Crazy
2. TTMFU (Explicit)
3. Place for Us
4. Heroes
5. Tonight We’re Alive