Guy Grogan’s Dynamite Bouquet

By Rhin Howard

There’s a certain “fuck off!” in Guy Grogan’s music, and this makes his music like no other. His creeping genius stems from a certain self-awareness and the close-up magic of making every aspect of a record. Plus, Grogan dives deeper within himself with each new release.

The record feels person and it’s astonishingly wide. There’s a thinker behind the tracks on Dynamite Bouquet, but Grogan is not too clever for his own good. Or maybe he is. It doesn’t really matter because the record is infectious, nostalgic, and quite beautiful.

Some of that beautiful is due in part to Grogan’s unique squelched-down voice. It’s what makes the music so refined. It’s a bruised crooner’s voice celebrating all of the things that went so right before they went so wrong.

Grogan doesn’t fit into anyone’s mold. And this, his tenth record, doesn’t either.

Recommended tracks:

A Ghost Too Soon
Pseudo Euphoria

Members / Instruments:
Guy Grogan – All (guitars, bass, drums, vocals, piano, percussion)

Mixing and Mastering by Jono Manson at Kitchen Sink Studios in Santa Fe, NM

Dynamite Bouquet Tracklisting:

1. My Own Way Out
2. Metafixation
3. River Like a Cry
4. Now I’m Me from You
5. A Ghost Too Soon
6. Nowhere Is Paradise
7. Pseudo Euphoria
8. Moonbird
9. Waterfalls
10. What If I Told You