Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Lisa Waugh

I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. The first track off of Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s second album, Alive, is so soaring and deliciously powerful, it will cause your smartphone’s internal workings to repent from not having held this band’s music before now. Lead singer Deirdre Kroener is happy to rip your face off as this unique and clever band unleashes the flood and fire around her vocals. But she’ll also nurse your wounds with a lilting ballad later.

Grown Up Avenger Stuff (Photo: Heathir Speet)

The alternative rock foursome from Charlotte, NC, is comprised of three brothers and a hellcat. Grown Up Avenger Stuff is part Yeah Yeah Yeahs had a baby with Queens of the Stone Age mixed with parts of mysterious, shape shifting things they bring all their own.

I played Alive for a group of friends and got; “Wow.” “Unexpected.” “Seriously love this shit.” And one loner in the corner who just downloaded the album and ignored the rest of us.

Live is the best way to experience the band but until then, potential super hits like Morning, Noon and Night and Now will blow your skirt up in the meantime.

Okay, I know it’s not good journalistic cricket to gloat on and on about an artist. But when it’s true, it’s true. Possibly I don’t get out much but I believe in the isolation that is my hearing space. Dig that. In your face. I’ll stop at “Who let the dogs out” because that’s a misleading question.

And then, I go on. The intensity of a Grown Up Avenger Stuff live show quite possibly has driven many a trucker to grab the hipster next to them and produce an allegiance of unholy mirth and sweat.

This is a band that knows who they are. Homegrown but finely tuned, the band has put the time in with fans and in the studio. Being a Southerner, I’m happy to see the South continue to reveal these unique artists and give them the love they deserve.

Lead singer Deirdre Kroener (Photo: Metal Warlock)

Mostly, Grown Up Avenger Stuff has earned its place in a world crowded with seemingly new ideas. You can trust me or not. They are the real deal. And it’s nice when a band gives you something to talk about.


Grown Up Avenger Stuff are:

Deirdre Kroener – Vocals
Tyler Thomsen – Percussion
Hunter Thomsen – Bass
John Thomsen – Guitar


I’d listen to:

Morning, Noon and Night





And… go see them live in your town.