GrilledCheezGuy’s Food Truck Dream

Going from lil cart boy on the streets to full size GrilledCheezGuy megafoodietron truck that could serve winning, all the cheesy time.


A semi-long time ago, in a kitchen far, far, away.

A grilled cheese master was born and forever changed the course of history for the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and America. After mastering the arts and going on to win 7 national trophies at the Grilled Cheese Invitational, he borught his talents to the streets of Oakland to share with the masses. 2 years later we are now serving people all over the bay area and have not slowed down. The only problem is that I truly can’t keep up with the business without some help from the very America that made me who I am today. If we are successful with this project, then we know that you believe in us just as much as we believe in ourselves and we can finally go out and get a truck and be who we were destined to be. Your GrilledCheezGuy’s forever!

Grilled cheese made with a brick!

33K is a very big goal but don’t stop there my fans! If we reach higher numbers I will not only crap my pants in shock and excitement, I will also promise we meet certain promises to you all. At 40K we will install a Price is Right style putt putt course where I will come out and Bob Barker style give away food/prizes to random fans. At 50K we promise to get a pinball machine installed into the truck. At 100K we promise to take our new truck on the road and visit as many major cities as we have so that everyone in America has a chance to try our sandwich.

The timing for this project could not be more key. Right now as I speak there is another….grilled cheeser…that is trying to melt the minds of the bay area grilled cheese fans and one day soon you! Help us to get ourselves off the ground so that we can be your winning alternative on the streets!

To support this Cheesy project on Kickstarter, go here.